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MediaTek's 3nm-fabbed chips will be available in the second half of 2024

In a press release, semiconductor giant MediaTek today announced that it has successfully developed its first chip using TSMC's 3nm manufacturing process.
MediaTek TSMC 3nm chip 2024
MediaTek successfully develops the first chip using TSMC's 3nm process

3nm MTK chips are coming!

According to the company, it will be a flagship Dimensity system-on-chip (SoC) that is expected to be mass-produced next year. The fruit of this partnership between MediaTek and TSMC promising high-performance and low-power features for "global end" devices.

MediaTek said that the 3nm provides enhanced performance, power, and yield, in addition to complete platform support for both high-performance computing and mobile applications.

It also offers as much as 18 percent speed improvement at the same power or 32 percent power reduction at the same speed and an approximately 60 percent increase in logic density versus TSMC's N5 process.

The upcoming 3nm chips are also said to be built with industry-leading process technology to meet ever-increasing user experience requirements for mobile computing, high-speed connectivity, artificial intelligence, and multimedia.

Apart from mobile phones, MTK's upcoming 3nm chips are expected to power tablets, intelligent cars, and various other devices starting in the second half of 2024.  

We are committed to our vision of using the world’s most advanced technology to create cutting-edge products that improve our lives in meaningful ways, said Joe Chen, President of MediaTek. TSMC's consistent and high-quality manufacturing capabilities enable MediaTek to fully demonstrate its superior design in flagship chipsets, offering the highest performance and quality solutions to our global customers and enhancing the user experience in the flagship market.

This collaboration between MediaTek and TSMC on MediaTek's Dimensity SoC means the power of industry's most advanced semiconductor process technology can be as accessible as the smartphone in your pocket, said Dr. Cliff Hou, Senior Vice President of Europe and Asia Sales at TSMC. “Throughout the years, we have worked closely with MediaTek to bring numerous significant innovations to the market and are honored to continue our partnership into the 3nm generation and beyond.

Are you guys excited?

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