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Phivolcs warns about volcanic smog in Taal


Phivolcs warns the public about the volcanic smog or "vog" at Taal Volcano due to the high level of sulfur dioxide it emits.
Photo from Philvocs

Taal emits over 4,000 tons of sulfur dioxide

In an advisory, Phivolcs said that the vog has been observed in Taal Lake since 12:30 p.m. on Thursday. Continuous upwelling also persists at the Taal Main Crater Lake, generating steam plumes that rose to 2,400 meters before drifting to the west-southwest

A total of 4,569 tonnes/day of volcanic sulfur dioxide or SO2 gas emission from the Taal Main Crater was also measured, Phivolcs said.

It added that a large cloud of SO2 was detected over and stretching west of Taal Lake.

Vog has been affecting the Taal Region since the first week of September 2023 as an average of 3,402 tonnes/day SO2 has been degassed from Taal Volcano for the month, Philvolcs noted.

The agency explained that vog consists of fine droplets containing volcanic gas like SOs which are acidic and can irritate the eyes, throat, and respiratory tract. People with asthma, lung and heart disease, the elderly, pregnant women, and children are vulnerable to this.

State seismologists advise the public to avoid outdoor activities and shut doors and windows to block out the vog. If heading out, a face mask should be worn (ideally an N95).

Phivolcs also warned that acid rain can be generated during periods of rainfall and volcanic gas emission over areas where the plume disperses. This can damage crops and affect the metal roofs of houses and buildings, it added.

Taal Volcano remains under Alert Level 1, or at low-level unrest.

Stay safe guys!

Source: Phivolcs

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