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Spotify Premium is now more expensive in the Philippines—now starts at PHP 149 per month!

The Philippines was initially not included in the list of countries where Spotify has had a subscription price increase. But, it was good while it lasted.
Price hike!

Now more expensive in PH

Spotify has just increased the price for its premium plans in the Philippines for those who like to enjoy higher-quality ad-free music and podcast streaming.

New Spotify Premium pricing in the Philippines

Individual - PHP 149/month (from PHP 129)
Duo - PHP 199 (from PHP 185)
Family (6 accounts) - PHP 239 (from PHP 214)

Premium Student plan is at PHP 75 per month.

Per day, it is PHP 7. Per week, it is PHP 26.

This move is likely a part of its strategy to boost its profitability. This is similar to what its other competitors do.

Spotify is still the world's largest music streaming platform as of this writing.

To recap, Spotify Premium has a higher playback rate of 320 kbps for better sound quality. The free version only has 150 kbps.

It also has no listening restrictions, no ads, and could be used for cross-border listening (use nearly anywhere in the world). Spotify Premium also has an option to download songs for offline listening.

What do you guys think?

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