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Spotify premium plans price up in some countries, PH not included


Spotify recently increased the price of its premium plans in some countries. Luckily, the Philippines was not included.
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Spotify is boosting profitability in about 50 countries, the Philippines is not included

On Monday, Spotify increased its price for premium plans, affecting about 50 countries, including the United States, most parts of Europe, as well as Thailand and Singapore, the Washington Post reported.

Reuters said the increase aims to boost the music streaming platform’s profitability amid an uncertain economy.

The move will result in a USD 1 (around PHP 54.58) price increase for US plans, with the premium single now starting at USD 10.99 (around PHP 599.81), duo at USD 14.99 (around PHP 818.12), family at USD 16.99 (around PHP 927.27) and the student plan at USD 5.99 (around PHP 326.92).

In the Philippines, the individual plan currently costs PHP 149 a month, duo at PHP 185 monthly, and family at PHP 214 per month. There are also cheaper options called mini which is PHP 7 a day and a special discount for students.

Spotify's price increases come at a time when streaming services are under pressure to boost their profitability after years of focusing on user growth.

Prior to Spotify, competitors Apple, Amazon.com, and Tidal have also increased their prices this year. YouTube also recently implemented an increase in its monthly and annual premium plans in the US for the first time since the subscription service was launched in 2018.

Last year, Spotify also increased prices in 46 countries.

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