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Gogoro opens its first experience center in PH!

Gogoro Philippines, an e-mobility firm opened its first experience center in the Philippines.
Gogoro opens its first experience center in PH!
The firm's executives

Gogoro Philippines opens its first experience center in PH!

The experience area is located on the 2nd Floor, Greenbelt 4 Ayala Center, Makati City which they unveiled yesterday. This hub brings an immersive experience, providing visitors a taste of what is like to use Gogoro Smartscooters and battery-swapping.

With the opening of our first Gogoro Experience Center (GEC), we are not just unveiling a store, we are opening the doors to the next chapter of mobility in the Philippines. Filipinos are invited to step in, explore, and be a part of this transformative journey towards a smarter and cleaner urban commute,” said Bernie Llamzon, President of Gogoro Philippines.

List of Gogoro Smartscooters:

  • Gogoro S1 - Inspired by supercars, the iconic Gogoro S1 is based on a chassis crafted from racing-grade aluminum.
  • Gogoro SuperSport - The high-performance Gogoro SuperSport is also equipped with Gogoro’s cutting-edge SSMartcore Technology.
  • Gogoro Delight - The Gogoro Delight was designed by an all-female team that emphasizes rider comfort and functionality.
  • Gogoro Viva - The compact Gogoro Viva is ideal for city travel and requires no license or registration to ride.

Beyond the Smartscooters, the GEC highlights Gogoro's innovative battery-changing ecosystem which offers quick and simple Swap and Go battery swapping, to hasten the two-wheel transition to smart electric mobility in urban areas. At a GoStation, customers will have the opportunity to observe this worldwide invention in action and even take part in lightning-fast battery shifting.
Gogoro Philippines Smartscooter 1
Gogoro Philippines Smartscooter 1

For accessories, there will be a wide range of choices available for interested riders to personalize their Smartscooters to meet particular needs, whether to add extra convenience style, or functionality.
Another sample of Gogoro Smartscooter
Another sample of Gogoro Smartscooter

For test rides, you can do that at the GEC, visitors may book a test ride and try a preferred Gogoro Smartscooter feature.

When it comes to pricing and availability, Gogoro Philippines will announce some models on December 1, 2023, followed by additional versions in early 2024.

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