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HUAWEI unveils AirEngine 8771-X1T with WiFi 7 technology!

HUAWEI unveiled a WiFi 7 product alongside other solutions made to accelerate different industries' digitalization.
HUAWEI unveils WiFi 7 product and other solutions!
HUAWEI announcement of AirEngine 8771-X1T

HUAWEI unveils WiFi 7 router!

The introduction was done during the recent HUAWEI Philippines IP Club 2023 event which the brand highlighted innovation, excellence, and sustainability form the core pillars of progress and evolution of digital transformation.
Hacken Li, CTO HUAWEI Datacom Product Line
Hacken Li, CTO HUAWEI Datacom Product Line

Hacken Li, Chief Technology Officer of HUAWEI Datacom Product Line, presented the latest technologies created by Huawei to increase internet connectivity.

The IP network is the bridge for digitalization transformation, constant changes in terminals and applications drive the continuous evolution of the network. HUAWEI continues to lead in areas such as WiFi 7-based 10G campuses, cloud network convergence transport, and AI data center networks, and offer the best solution to Philippine enterprises, government, and educational institutions to accelerate digital transformation in the Philippines,” said Hacken Li.

The HUAWEI AirEngine 8771-X1T is the industry's first enterprise flagship WiFi 7 access point to handle the new 6 GHz frequency band, which increases frequency bandwidth from 160 MHz to 320 MHz.

The main difference between WiFi 7 from WiFi 6 is the new spectrum, providing faster and more reliable data transfer. And, more beautiful and more energy efficient, said Li. According to him, this new spectrum offers lower latency and is able to provide stability even in high-density scenarios, for instance, stadium-dense deployments.

We believe that WiFi 7 is the future-oriented technology, which is why we chose to make the R&D investment in the WiFi 7 directly. That’s why we can promote this kind of technology first in the industry. We are the first vendor to provide enterprises the WiFi 7 access point in the market,” he added.

The company thinks that WiFi 7's high-speed connectivity can permit easier online learning experiences and real-time interaction among students and educators, boost government operations and operate efficient services, and let quick control and optimization of processes for businesses, fostering progress and development and remarkably improve the user experience.

Meanwhile, HUAWEI also mentioned that they have won the "Best Enterprise WiFi Network 2023" Award at the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) Industry Awards 2023 for its field-proven high-quality AirEngine WiFi 7 Network Solution.

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