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Makati only finalist from PH, Asia Pacific in World Smart Cities awards


Makati City is taking the word innovation seriously.
Photo from My Makati FB page

Technology for better government services

In a Facebook post, Makati shared the news that it is the lone finalist from the Philippines and the Asia Pacific for the World Smart Cities Awards in 2023.

Makati has been selected as one of the top 6 finalists for the World Smart Cities Awards 2023 under the City Awards category, making it the only city in the Philippines and Asia-Pacific to be shortlisted for this prestigious award, the city government said.

A total of 411 proposals were submitted under different categories from 63 countries.

Makati was on the final list of the City Award category along with Sunderland, United Kingdom; Cascais, Portugal; İzmir, Turkey; Curitiba, Brazil; and Barranquilla, Colombia. This recognized the city with "developed global strategies combining projects, initiatives, and policy implementations for their citizens."

Citing Mayor Abby Binay, ABS-CBN News reported that this is the first time her city made it to the finalist of the said category. Makati was a finalist in the Innovation category in 2019.

This platform will not only allow Makati to showcase its achievements but also to share insights, learn from others, and foster international collaboration for building smarter, more sustainable cities worldwide, Binay said.

Makati was recognized for its use of Internet of Things (IoT) devices in formulating "data-driven policies" and behavioral transformation among citizens.

According to Oracle, IoT is a network of physical objects "that are embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data with other devices and systems over the internet."

The local government said the Makati Command Control and Communications Center (C3) will become an IoT platform for the city's disaster risk reduction response efforts.

Projects like the installation of state-of-the-art smart meters to maximize energy and water in public schools, noise pollution sensors, indoor and outdoor air quality monitors, and asset trackers aim to "enhance resource management throughout the city."

The City has also installed solar panels in nine of its public schools to promote "sustainable energy," and raise awareness on climate change impacts.

The local government said it "continues to strengthen partnerships with international organizations, the private sector, and academe to further enhance the city's initiatives."

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