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Tesla Optimus Gen 2 humanoid robot unveiled: 10kg lighter, 30 percent faster walking, can hold an egg!

Tesla uploaded a demo video of its new Optimus Gen 2 humanoid robot on YouTube where it showcased the significant improvements over the past year.
Tesla Optimus Gen 2
Tesla Optimus Gen 2

A brighter future for humanoid robots?

Over a year after the first public demonstration of the Tesla Optimus robot, the technology company showcased the prototype humanoid robot that would become Optimus which could handle basic movements but still struggled with shaky movements and even slumped over.

The recently uploaded YouTube video demonstrated the noticeable and significant improvements over the first-generation model. Visually, the new model looks sleeker and more polished. It was seen performing various tasks such as walking slowly, crouching, delicately manipulating eggs without breaking them and even waving its arms.
Tesla Optimus Gen 2 delicately handling an egg
Tesla Optimus Gen 2 delicately handling an egg

List of notable improvements over the Gen 1

1. Tesla-designed actuators and sensors
2. 2-Degrees of freedom actuated neck
3. Actuators-integrated electronics and harnessing
4. 30 percent walk speed increase
5. Foot force/torque sensing
6. Articulated toe sections
7. Human foot geometry
8. 10kg total weight reduction
9. Improved balance and full-body control
10. Brand-new hands with 11 degrees of freedom, are quicker
11. Tactile sensing on all fingers
12. Delicate object manipulation such as eggs

Unfortunately, the Optimus Gen 2 is not for production nor is it for sale. It is a prototype which represents the potential waypoint of a much longer journey to a more functional human robot that Tesla CEO Elon Musk claims to eventually be able to do anything that humans don't want to do. It is designed in a similar shape and size as humans so it can seamlessly replace human labor. Whichever the application, simply swap out a person and insert Optimus.

If the contents of the video are true, Tesla may eventually make a breakthrough in human labor replacement with humanoid robots.

What do you guys think?

Source: Tesla, Via: ArsTechnica

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