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HUAWEI unveils eKit to boost Digital Transformation in SMEs!

HUAWEI together with VST ECS Phils., Inc. has unveiled the eKit to bolster the digital transformation of SMEs in PH.
HUAWEI unveils eKit to boost Digital Transformation in SMEs!

HUAWEI introduces eKit to boost Digital Transformation in SMEs!

HUAWEI eKit is a digital solution with the goal of assisting distribution partners in the Philippines to continuously navigate the small and medium enterprise market in order to effectively fullfil the needs of end users and the intelligent development of SMEs.
The executives from HUAWEI and VST ECS Phils., Inc.
The executives from HUAWEI and VST ECS Phils., Inc.

Furthermore, the aforementioned eKit is a sub-brand for the company's run-rate product distribution division. It is an all-in-one platform that is made for addressing the digital demands of distribution partners and SMEs by creating distribution products that are simple to use, learn, sell, install, and manage for a range of business scenarios. It covers an extensive number of products, such as storage, IP + optical access, wired and wireless networks, and intelligent collaboration.

Huawei says its business system follows the Run Rate market strategy, which prioritizes distribution partners and engineering providers.

HUAWEI eKit is a sub-brand of Huawei, but with a dedicated product. These kinds of products are better designed for the small, medium enterprise, relying on Huawei platforms to adapt to the high-quality requirements while also providing the same support as always, said Andy Li, Commercial Accounts Director of Enterprise, Huawei Philippines.

In the Philippines there are more than one million MSMEs (micro, small, medium-sized enterprise) companies, but 72 percent are operating in rural areas so it is extremely fragmented market, and they badly need new products for network connectivity, data storage, and security, so, we are working to create a distribution transaction chain and partner system where we will develop gold and elite distribution partners and together with installers,” he added.

During the showcase, HUAWEI has displayed products for small office/home office, hotels, catering, real estate, retailers and other several scenarios. Huawei provides support to run-rate partners in four key areas: 1st is partner policies, 2nd would be marketable products tailored to the needs of SMEs, third is marketing resources for promotion and lower-level partner development, and 4th an IT tool platform with an official website and app.The digital platform lets partners to faster and easier access to various resources.
SMBs are the backbone of our economy, and the launch of the HUAWEI eKit is a testament to Huawei’s commitment to their growth. This initiative will empower SMBs by providing access to technologies purposefully built to meet their specific needs, expediting their digital capabilities. This represents a significant step towards fostering innovation and resilience within the SMB sector, said Jimmy D. Go, President and CEO, VST ECS Phils., Inc.

HUAWEI says, this innovative and cost-effective solution allows small and medium-sized businesses to seamlessly integrate new technology into their operations. This effort not only addresses the unique issues that SMBs encounter but also sets up businesses to prosper in today's digital age.

As the only distributor, VST ECS Phils., Inc., further pledges its resilient commitment to promoting and facilitating the succes of the said HUAWEI eKit.

We take great pride in our appointment, we are fully dedicated to ensuring its widespread accessibility and seamless integration into the digital transformation journey of businesses, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Go added.

SMEs play a big part in fostering innovation, jobs, and economic progress.

MSMEs account for 99.5 percent of all operating businesses in the Philippines. Digitalization makes procedures faster, more convenient, and more efficient.

HUAWEI says they are commited to designing products that are both marketable and affordable, optimizing channel systems, and upholding a stable market order to promote sustainable development goals that propel progress through equitable and steady economic growth. Through collaboration with its run-rate partners, HUAWEI eKit seeks to expedite the digital transformation of global SMEs by delivering superior product solutions that are specifically designed to meet their needs.

For more information, you may read HUAWEI eKit here.

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