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Infinix shares X-Press Love Story: 5 min podcast for Valentines season!

Infinix holds a podcast for this Valentine's season a 5 minute video of stories related to love.
Infinix intros X-Press Love Story: 5 min podcast for Valentines season!
Infinix's podcast

Infinix shares love stories for Valentines!

Infinix launched the short podcast X-Press Love Story on February 9 to commemorate Valentine's Day. Hosted by the Infinix team (Jem, Joshy, and Lloyd), they have discussed cute anecdotes, date ideas, and Valentine's Day aspirations that listeners can relate to and remember. The five-minute podcast is ideal for people seeking a quick and easy way to pass the time between jobs.

The top three stories for Infinix X Press Love Story were selected from the best Infinix BINGO XPRESS CARD answers on the brand's Facebook page. Here is what listeners can expect:

The first story is titled "Dear Winner" and is not your typical love story. According to the podcast it talks about the relationship between a fur parent named Andie and her dogs. She mentioned the unconditional love that her dogs shared with her and her family, particularly the dog named Winner who aided her in getting through anxiety. "Dear Winner" demonstrates that love doesn't necessarily need to be romantic. It can also apply to our pets.

In the second episode, named "Sissy," Kayn, a gay kid, discusses his crush on a classmate. It's an intriguing narrative about the purity of young love. Kayn's crush develops an unrequited love for someone new, complicating their relationship. Will they end up together?

The final story is called "Maybe This Time" which explores the Boy's delicate relationship with Marie, whom he has known for a long time. He describes their setup as "parang kami, pero walang label" over the past seven years. This narrative may resonate with those who are still unsure about their relationship status in today's situational world. Will Boy and Marie finally label it after seven years?

Infinix says you may listen to the Infinix X-Press Love Story here. You may also join the community page to talk about your fond moments from the podcast and other kilig stores with your significant others.

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