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realme TechLife Philippines taps Mikee Reyes and CK De Leon as brand ambassadors!

realme TechLife introduces Mikee Reyes and CK De Leon as its first-ever brand ambassador.
realme TechLife Philippines taps Mikee Reyes and CK De Leon as brand ambassadors!
Tito Mike and Sizzy CK!

realme TechLife intros Mike Reyes and CK De Leon as brand ambassadors!

According to the company, the couples are a fitting representation of TechLife's core principle which is the idea of simplifying life for young Filipino consumers by providing easy-to-use and reliable tech that enriches user experience.

The new ambassadors are also popularly known as Tito and Sizzy by their fans, they are popular digital creators who share accessible material on lifestyle careers and relationships. This duo has 1.8 million followers on key social media platforms.

TechLife resonated with us because as individuals and as a couple, we value hard work and being efficient without losing sight of what makes us unique. We learned that TechLife integrates their principles in their products and they give the best value for money. We’re glad to join the TechLife Fam in the mission to make life simple, the couple said.

Both Reyes and De Leon will collaborate on future advertisements to promote the brand and products, including audio devices, smartphone accessories, home appliances, and other tech requirements.

We’re excited to start this new chapter and we’re glad to have Mikee and CK with us. It’s the first time for TechLife to have ambassadors so we’re looking forward to seeing what we can achieve together, TechLife stated.

To know more about TechLife, you may follow its Facebook and TikTok pages. You can also visit its offline TechLife stores in the Philippines to see its products.

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