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Angkas releases new "beta app" with faster booking time, safer rides!

Popular motorcycle ride-hailing service Angkas introduces a new app that promises faster booking times and safer rides.
Angkas releases new "beta app" with faster booking time, safer rides!
Angkas rider

Angkas new "beta app" launched!

The new app is made by a talented group of Filipino developers and is set to redefine motorcycle taxi service and is the new benchmark for speedy booking, safety, and efficiency, Angkas claims.

Our new app not only boasts a sleeker design and faster booking times but also introduces cutting-edge features such as enhanced pairing, superior maps, seamless cashless transactions, and multiple earnings enhancements for our bikers (auto accept, set destination, earnings goals). The Glow App can secure 90 percent of bookings within minutes, says Angkas CEO George Royeca.

According to Angkas, these advancements signal the beginning of an era of convenience and the creation of new jobs, boosting Filipino innovation into the spotlight. Royeca asserts that Angkas is an example of safety among motorcycle taxis.

Our commitment to excellence has established us as the gold standard, with the strictest training protocols that produce the best and safest bikers. Our riders are not just the best in the country; they are unmatched in the region, ensuring a 99.997 percent safety rate for every journey. This dedication to safety and professionalism is unwavering, as we continuously strive to uplift the standards of motorcycle taxi services.

Angkas noted that their new app received positive comments from regions such as Cagayan De Oro and Cebu City. The people from that location said the improved app brings efficiency and user-friendly features.
Angkas Key Visual
Angkas Key Visual

If you are going to the Google Play Store, you can find two apps from the service. First is the Old Angkas which is going to be abandoned sooner or later. Then next is the Angkas Beta which is the new and enhanced version they are talking about.

In case you are wondering why you're getting longer booking times or lesser acceptance rates from riders, then it means you should make the transfer to the new one.
Old app vs new app in the Play Store
Old app vs new app in the Play Store

Once you open the app, you will see the logo, click next and get started. Users then will need to fill in info such as primary contact number, receive a pin, enter their personal information, and then select their preferred service: Passenger or Padala.

For quicker access, users may also set their frequent locations like home, school, work, malls,  coffee shops, etc. for easier bookings. Users may also set their preferred payment options like debit/credit cards or Cash. 

Unfortunately, there are no GCash or Maya transfer payment options at the moment, unlike the old version. But who knows? the new app is still in beta so we may see further updates from them.

What do you guys think?

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