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Globe finishes pilot run of hybrid solar power in 26 sites, achieves sustainability/fuel savings!

Globe announces they were able to finish the pilot run for hybrid solar power making a big step towards greener operations and major savings.
Globe finishes pilot run of hybrid solar power in 26 sites, achieves sustainability/fuel savings!
Globe's sustainability key visual

Globe completes the pilot run of hybrid solar power in 26 sites!

Globe, an established digital solutions platform, has successfully completed a groundbreaking pilot program using hybrid solar power, an important milestone closer to greener network operations. The achievement supports the company's pledge to uphold sustainability and achieve Net Zero Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions by 2050.

According to Globe, the program began in 2022 and ended in 2023 with a focus on integrating hybrid solar power over 26 diverse Globe sites. There are 3 located in NCR, 17 in South Luzon, and 6 in the Mindanao area.

The locations have off-grid towers that were previously reliant on diesel generator sets but are now capable of being powered entirely by renewable energy sources with battery energy storage systems or by a mix of renewables and diesel fuel. Likewise, the technique was tested at good-grid tower locations that use a combination of renewable energy sources and coal from the power grid and at bad-grid tower sites that frequently experience power outages.

The firm said, its program achieved remarkable results. Globe claimed they were able to save over 119,000 liters of diesel and avoided over 67,000 kWh of power consumption—a savings of over PHP6.9 million. These numbers demonstrate the program's efficacy in lessening its negative effects on the environment while also highlighting the possibility for financial savings and increased efficiency in sustainable energy solutions.

Successfully implementing hybrid solar power across multiple sites represents a big leap in our efforts to decarbonize our operations. Beyond demonstrating our dedication to environmental stewardship, it also cements Globe’s status as the Most Sustainability-Driven Network Operator in the Philippines, said Joel Agustin, Globe Network Planning and Engineering Head

The telco said Globe's cell sites have always been reliant on the national power infrastructure, which mostly utilizes coal for electricity and the typical diesel generators to back its operations. However, shifting to renewable energy sources became vital, especially in those locations with unstable grids or no commercial power grid connectivity which typically depended on traditional power generators running all the time.

Globe said its hybrid solar power solution uses several breakthrough feats. It has a Solar Mini-Grid with adjustable capacity and adaptability that may be installed inside the building or in a nearby location. This technology is ideal for deployment in difficult terrains since it gives on-site equipment direct electricity.

Additionally, Globe stated it has an Advanced Solar Hybrid solution, an intelligent off-grid alternative power system that mainly utilizes solar power and can transition to a diesel genset and rectifier battery system when needed.

Since Globe achieved positive results, the company intends to gradually implement its new sustainable solution throughout all of its cell locations.

In order to minimize the greenhouse gas emissions and overall carbon footprint of its network, the company is strongly seeking green technology and solutions. Globe reaffirms its strong commitment to both responsible corporate citizenship and environmental sustainability, which is reflected in this strategy.

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