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#ICYMI: TECNO offers broken screen repair service, here's how

TECNO Mobile Philippines recently announced that the company has a "broken screen repair service" to make your device look as good as new.
File photo: TECNO phone with broken screen

TECNO mobile repair service in the Philippines

This service is in partnership with TECNO's official customer support Carcare Philippines.

Broken screens due to accidents are not covered under regular warranties as it is not a manufacturing defect.

So, those who do not want to purchase a new phone once the screen breaks can still have their displays replaced under this service. The fees vary from unit to unit. The more expensive the phone, the price of the screen will likely increase.

To check if you can have your screen repaired, the user with a broken display, or other parts that need repair, check the tutorial below.

How do you have your TECNO phone repaired in the Philippines?

1. Visit this link https://bit.ly/PHReservation
2. Chose device mode
3. You may check the price of the parts by clicking the "Price' button
4. Tap to select service store and reservation time
5. Enter your name and mobile number
6. Click submit

Note: You may also open the "Carlcare" app on your TECNO phone to schedule your phone repair.

Source: TECNO

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