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IDC: Infinix has the largest Year-on-Year increase in Global smartphone shipments in 2023!

Infinix achieved a milestone in 2023 by having the largest increase year-on-year (YoY) ships in smartphones and taking the top spot.
IDC: Infinix leads Year-on-Year Increase in Global shipments in 2023!
New achievement unlocked for Infinix!

Infinix leads in smartphone shipments globally in 2023!

IDC's Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker reports that Infinix has surpassed all other global smartphone brands with a year-on-year gain of over 13 million units. This leads to a notable 64.1 percent growth rate over the year 2022.

Tony Zhao, General Manager of Infinix, credits the brand's success to a diverse marketing strategy, advances in technology, and smart alliances with industry leaders like TikTok. Infinix's platform enables users to reach their full potential and transcend limitations.

Infinix focuses on catering to youth preferences, providing tailored-made technological innovations, and recognizing the pivotal role of strategic partnerships. By leveraging TikTok as a creative platform, Infinix effectively reaches our target users, enabling them to conquer their limits and become the best versions of themselves, Tony Zhao.

Infinix receives award from TikTok

The brand's marketing prowess recently received recognition from TikTok for Business's Overseas Marketing Award for being an "Innovator".
TikTok Awards!
TikTok Awards!

This renowned award recognizes firms that are making a worldwide impact and inspiring others through creative marketing tactics. Infinix's sats their success originates from its strategic approach, which fully utilizes TikTok's platform. By embracing numerous gameplay possibilities and partnering with influencers, Infinix noted it has successfully nurtured its brand from awareness to concrete outcomes, showing the ability of innovative marketing.

Since its launch in 2013, Infinix mentioned they gained a significant presence in international markets. The brand's compelling content and successful e-commerce sales demonstrate a mutually beneficial partnership. Infinix's successful campaigns, like Super Brand Day and the "Capture Your Own Story" Vlog Contest, have solidified the company's standing as a tech industry leader.

Infinix continued to make news in the market with significant progress unveiled at CES and MWC. At CES, Infinix claims to have intrigued the crowd with the launch of Infinix AirCharge, a new wireless charging technology that eliminates the need for wires or charging stations. This innovation makes it simple to charge the devices. Furthermore, Infinix introduced the Extreme Temp Battery, which addresses the challenges of extreme conditions and ensures smooth device operation in any situation. The brand also unveiled Infinix E-Color Shift, the industry's first adjustable display panel for smartphone design. 

At MWC, Infinix made headlines with its flagship mobile gaming concept, promising a new future of mobile gaming with exceptional performance and visuals, the company says.

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