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Micro Mirrorless unveiled as the world's smallest interchangeable lens camera!

Yashica and I'm Back collaboration has produced the world's most compact camera with interchangeable lenses.
Micro Mirrorless unveiled as the World's smallest Interchangeable lens camera!
The Micro Mirrorless camera design

A handy compact camera!

The new unique camera is created through the teaming up of Yashica and Im Back. They started the program for the Micro Mirrorless on Kickstarter which received about USD 130,000 as support surpassing its target of USD 11,062.

The Micro Mirroless is a digital camera from the ground up featuring a tiny 12MP Sony IMX117 CMOS image sensor with a 1/2.3-inch which is quite unusually small. In relation, the same sensor is found on the GoPro Hero4 Black action camera.
The camera and its display
The camera and its display

With a 5.8 times crop factor provided by the image sensor, a 26mm lens would more closely resemble a 150mm telephoto, as explained by the makers.
The three compact lenses
The three compact lenses

In terms of lens, the Micro Mirrorless features a built-in lens mount and is compatible with three uniquely made lenses with compact and lightweight features. In actual focal length terms, the 20mm, 50mm, and 150mm equivalent lenses measure 3.4mm, 8.6mm, and 25mm, respectively. Unfortunately, there is no information with regard to the aperture yet. We will update this article once we find them.
Using the adapter
Using the adapter

When it comes to the lens, Im Back claims that the new product can work with large-format lenses if you attach an optional adapter. They claimed it can fit with SLR, DSLR, and mirrorless camera systems if you use the said adapter.

Meanwhile, the website also listed a coming soon teaser for an optional viewfinder attachment.
Some sample shot, photo from Kickstarter
Some sample shot, photo from Kickstarter

Talking about its main highlight is the compact form factor. The camera measures 77mm or is equivalent to three inches wide and 50mm (2 inches) tall.
Look how tiny it is!
Look how tiny it is!

Furthermore, the Micro Mirroless camera has more features like the capability to record RAW and JPEG images, comes with a 2-inch flip-out touchscreen, and even has an HDMI output. To charge the device, there's a USB-C port as well.

US price with direct-to-PHP conversion (no taxes and duties yet):

Yashica x Im Back Micro Mirrorless camera - USD 199 (around PHP 11.1K).

Do note that this price is for early bird backers and that it will also come with a Blue or White color as well as a standard 50mm lens. If you purchase the complete kit, the price goes up to USD 399 (around PHP 22K) which includes 1x medium angle lens, 1x telephoto lens, and 1x wide angle lens, durable battery grip, camera wrist strap, remote control, USB-C cable and Tripod, and selfie stick.

For more information, you may head to the Kickstarter website which is located below.

Source: Kickstarter

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