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Watch: We tried Grab Philippines' "Saver" options and it works!

In case you missed it, Grab Philippines recently introduced the "Saver" options, allowing users to enjoy more affordable rates.
Grab Saver Philippines
Grab Saver Philippines

Watch: We tried Grab Philippines' "Saver" options and it works!

In particular, it includes the GrabCar Saver, GrabFood Saver Deliver, and Saver Meals 99.

According to the company, the GrabCar Saver option allows users to have 15 percent more affordable rides compared to the regular booking fare the app offers. 

For example, from our house to SM Podium, the regular GrabCar rate is PHP 374.
But, once you select the GrabCar Saver option, you get the same car options for 4 people at a slightly more affordable rate of PHP 348. My savings? PHP 26 pesos.

This varies and from my experience, I can save around PHP 30 to 50 pesos. That's not bad.

The only catch is booking is a little slower at about 10 minutes during peak hours. On non-busy hours, booking is just around 5 minutes. 

They also have the GrabFood Saver Delivery with lower rates. For example, the regular delivery rate is PHP 59, with GrabFood Saver, it is down to PHP 49, a PHP 10 discount.

Grab also has the Saver Meals starting at just PHP 99 only.

Quick thoughts

The 3 Grab Saver options I tried are good for those who are not in a rush and want to save some cash. It worked and I will personally continue to use these features.

What do you guys think?

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