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Globe: Unregistered SIMs can't use network

Globe Telecom maintained that unregistered SIMs cannot use their network amid the strict implementation of the SIM Registration Act.
File photo: Globe logo

Globe strictly implements the SIM Registration Act

In a statement, the Ayala-led telco continues to be at the forefront of ensuring compliance with the SIM Registration Act, requiring all SIMs currently in use to be registered.

The company said it only activates new SIMs once they are registered through Globe's SIM registration platforms.

As the SIM registration ran from December 27, 2022, to July 30, 2023, those unregistered SIMs reaching more than 30 million were deactivated.

Globe also deployed the following security measures for the registration process:

  • Advanced encryption protocols for securing data transmission.
  • Live photo capture technology to prevent misuse of stock or pre-existing photos.
  • Limited ID submission retries to prevent fraudulent registration attempts.

It also reminded subscribers to only submit accurate information and valid photo IDs.

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