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PLDT, Smart block over 600,000 fraud-related mobile numbers

The group also said it continues to boost SIM registration control.
PLDT, Smart block over 600,000 fraud-related mobile numbers
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Fight vs. scammers continues

In a statement, Smart said it has blacklisted more than 615,788 mobile numbers tied to illicit and fraudulent activities, including spamming and SMShingscams from January to May of this year.

The numbers include all fraudulently registered SIMs, purged through Smart's strict validation process of all SIM registrations.

To enhance security, Smart said has strengthened its SIM registration controls. Since December last year, in compliance with the National Telecommunications Commission's directive, the telco said it has implemented improved verification mechanisms, including the adoption of "live selfie" and liveness checks, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), facial recognition and matching, disabling of the upload of stock selfies, and verification of registrations prior to activation.

We actively collaborate with the Cybercrime Investigation and Coordinating Center and the NTC, our peers in the telecom industry, and other allies from the private and public sectors, to have a comprehensive response to the menace of SMShing and phishing scammers. We remain deeply committed to providing a safe and secure communications platform and digital services for Filipinos, said PLDT and Smart Chief Information Security Officer Jojo G. Gendrano.

PLDT and Smart have also engaged their provincial distributors, regional dealers, and other trade partners to ensure the security and integrity of the sale and distribution process of Smart SIMs.

The group said its #BeCyberSmart and #MagingCyberSmart campaigns continue to share tips on identifying techniques used by scammers to run their fraudulent activities.

If you receive suspicious messages or calls, please report them to cybersecurityincidents@smart.com.ph and cybersecurityincidents@pldt.com.ph or to Smart's verified and official social media pages - Smart Communications on Facebook and @SmartCares on X - or call our hotline *888.

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