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At Taiwan Excellence, Innovation Of Taiwanese Brands Leads The Way!

Taiwanese products is no stranger in the homes of our fellow Filipinos. Whether those products are for home, office, kitchen living room, bedroom and even outdoors. Taiwan brands is always coming up with innovative designs, user friendly features and great quality that can revolutionize our lives.
Taiwan Excellence PH

One of the main examples is the Hono, an auto opening jacket which is said to be the best equipment for water safety. It opens automatically once the user falls into the water, and maintains the users vertical balance which is great even if the user is a non swimmer. Imagine the number of lives that can be saved using that product in case of emergency.

The other product that was highlighted is the Mozbii, the world's first color pocking stylus that enables users to get the colors from surroundings by simply pressing on a surface where-in they can immediately use that color to draw on their tablets. That stylus would surely surprise a lot of people in terms of coolness and functionality.

Some facts about the Taiwan Excellence

For the past two decades, Taiwan is one of the strongest economies in Asia. That resulted in making cutting edge products with innovative spirit to help not only the people but the entire nation. Today, Taiwan’s main export partners are Mainland China & Hong Kong (44% of total), USA (12%), Japan (7%), Europe (11%) and ASEAN countries (15%). The Philippines is the 8th largest export partner of Taiwan, receiving $9.53 billion worth of goods in 2014.

The Taiwan Excellence is the way of BOFT (Bureau of Foreign Trade) of Taiwan and (TAITRA) Taiwan External Trade Development Council to increase the awareness of Filipinos about the goodness of Taiwanese products. They are working with the Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association in the PSECE expo and with Taiwan Transportation Vehicle Manufacturers Association in the Philauto expo.

They've been doing a wide range of campaigns in the past few years such as mall events, exhibits, the Made to Enjot Singing contest and the made to Enjoy Christmas contest. They're also doing promotions thru online and social media via YouTube and Facebook. Taiwan Excellence is not done with that as they plan to hold more events and expos in the future that will showcase more of their technological advancements and innovations to help everyone have an enhanced lifestyle.
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