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BB-8 Hype Not Over: Quick Look On Sphero BB-8

Months away from Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens, and the BB-8 craze is far from over.  Personally, I've let this adorable droid tag along in all of my adventures.  We usually take selfies, pose him in the weirdest places, and sometimes do a little bit of storytelling.
BB-8 Hype Not Over: Quick Look On Sphero BB-8

A lot of BB-8 fans have taken their lives with this cute little droid very seriously, especially on Instagram.  Here are some of the Instagram accounts (yes, including mine) that I've found:

A photo posted by John Luke Chica (@johnnyboyx) on

A photo posted by BB-8 (@lifewithbb8) on

And here's my quick review on Sphero BB-8.

Sphero BB-8 is available for pre-order in various local stores in the Philippines.  For more updates on Sphero, please follow their Facebook page: Click Here!

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