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Starting To Collect Toys? Basic Toy Lingo / Toy Terminology

This is the first episode of a new section in Rebel Base Reviews.  It's called The Rebellion Show, and our first episode is all about Basic Toy Lingo or Toy Terminology.  
Starting To Collect Toys? Basic Toy Lingo / Toy Terminology
What is MIB? MISB? POTF?

This video is meant for newbie toy collectors or for those who are just curious about our universe.

Buy/Sell/Trade Terms & Abbreviations:

FS: For Sale
FT/TT: For Trade/To Trade
WTB: Want to Buy
WTT: Want to Trade
NFS/NFT: Not for Sale/Not for Trade

Brands and Toy Lines Abbreviations:

HAS: Hasbro
MAT/Matty: Mattel
KEN: Kenner
TB: Toy Biz
TRU: Toy R Us
SW: Star Wars
ANH: A New Hope
ESB: Empire Strikes Back
ROTJ: Return of the Jedi
EP1: Episode 1
ROTS: Revenge of the Sith
CW: Clone Wars
POTF: Power of the Force
POTJ: Power of the Jedi
SOTE: Shadows of the Empire
JOE: G.I. Joe
RAH: Real American Hero (G.I. Joe)
ROC: Rise of Cobra (G.I. Joe)
RES: Resolute (G.I. Joe)
MOTU: Masters of the Universe
MOTUC: Masters of the Universe Classics
TMNT: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
BTAS: Batman the Animated Series
LOB: Legends of Batman
LOTDK: Legends of the Dark Knight (Batman)
PR: Power Rangers
SLU: Starting Line Up
FF: Fantastic Four
ML: Marvel Legends
MU: Marvel Universe
DCU: DC Universe
DCUC: DC Universe Classics
LOTR: Lord of the Rings

Rebel Base Reviews will be giving away one Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper SDCC 2015 Exclusive to a random subscriber by October 30, 2015.

Official Rules:

1. You must be living or at least present in the Philippines in order to win.  We will check your Google+ account to verify.  You must be a subscriber of Rebel Base Reviews YouTube Channel
2. If you are not from the Philippines, you will be disqualified if by any chance you have been chosen.
3. If the item requires shipping, Rebel Base will cover it, but only within the Philippines.
YouTube, Hasbro, LucasFilm, Star Wars, and Disney are not affiliated by this video and/or contest.

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