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Hello Good Weird, The New Marketing Campaign Of Lenovo For Multi Mode Yoga Tabs And Convertibles!

Being weird isn't bad, it's cool, useful and most of the time efficient. That's the point of Lenovo in this new campaign dubbed as #goodweird. It illustrates how YOGA products was able to come up with unexpected design and functionality that maybe weird but in a good way as it can do a lot of amazing things to make people do MORE.
Hello Good Weird, The New Marketing Campaign Of Lenovo For Multi Mode Yoga Tabs And Convertibles!
Lenovo's Good Weird project

“We’ve fundamentally transformed how we define the Lenovo brand, from the tools we use like crowdsourcing and social media, to how we get things done with our balanced 360° agency model. The GoodWeird campaign really brings all these forces to life in a smart and engaging way that’s genuine to the purpose of our products,” said Michael Ngan, Country General Manager, Lenovo Philippines.

As an example, YOGA convertible hinges consist of more than 800 parts that easily outnumbers parts in the rest of the product. That hinge remains the key to its signature four modes: laptop, tent, stand and tablet. Those modes enables you to use the tablet in almost any way you want it to be placed. Aside from that, the YOGA tablet can project videos on your wall and enjoy deep bass from its built in sub-woofer. You can also hang this device with the help of a hook that enables you to enjoy entertainment anywhere you do. That is #goodweird

Lenovo designed their marketing program with the help of the following creative agencies

DLKW Lowe – produced ‘Pioneers’ brand film for TV and cinema, product films, print, digital and out-of-home advertising as the lead creative agency for the campaign. Watch the dark, stylish ‘Pioneers’ film directed by Markus Lundqvist of Knucklehead (Daft Punk ‘Derezzed,’ Burberry ‘My Burberry’).

The film transforms an atmospheric gallery by a series of unusual projections and sculptures, reverberating Goodweird from the past, present and future. Footage of a man with a rudimentary flying machine, a bag phone from the 1980’s and an early hovercraft alongside a slick black aircraft and augmented reality headsets are just a few examples of good weird. Individual products are being brought to life through a series of films directed by Greg Barth of BlinkInk featuring 3D printed set filmed using stop motion.

We Are Social – developed social activation elements including the design of http://goodweirdproject.com/global/en/, a series of videos and posts and a fan engagement stunt
Weber Shandwick – created PR activation including toolkits, consumer press packs, campaign amplification and experiential stunts
Blast Radius – managed the build of http://goodweirdproject.com/global/en/ and all digital assets

The Contest!

In Lenovo, they believe in the power of good weird wholeheartedly, but what is good weird or not is for them to design. That's why Lenovo made the #goodweird project to help them discover a universe of obscure facts, eye-opening ideas and a whole lot of good weird by submitting photo entries and casting votes what’s good weird and not.

You guys can join the Good Weird Campaign Contest by:

1. Visiting and liking Lenovo's Facebook page and look for the #goodweird posts that contains the link to the #goodweird project.
2. Once you're in the good weird website, just submit a photo entry, write a brief description about the photo and fill the registration for.
3. Lenovo will check if the photo is good weird enough to comply with the guidelines found in the mechanics page of the site

Now share your #GoodWeird for a chance to win Php 5000 Sodexo Gift Certificate. The Good Weird Campaign Contest will run from October 21 to November 21, 2015.
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