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Sennheiser Orpheus 2 Revealed, The Successor Of The Best Headphone In The World! Priced At USD 55000!

25 years ago, Sennheiser created 300 sets world's best headphone called the Orpheus for USD 16,000. A legendary headphone that's still the best headphone and every audiophiles dream can that was even more expensive nowadays.
Sennheiser Orpheus 2 Revealed, The Successor Of The Best Headphone In The World! Priced At USD 55000!
Sennheiser Orpheus 2 revealed

It might be an impossible task as even Sennheiser failed to beat that can with the HD800, their modern high end headphones. However, Sennheiser is determined to the challenge of topping the legend of Orpheus. They asked their engineers and experts again to make the Sennheiser Orpheus 2, its worthy successor for a small (HUGE) amount of USD 55,000!

According to the report by the cool dudes of Gizmodo, they rebooted the technology of the original Orpheus and updated the electrostatic device and separate the amplifier that took them 10 year to produce.

Sennheiser explained that “combines the superior impulse processing of a tube amplifier with the low distortion of a transistor amplifier.” The decoupling of the tubes in combination with the damping properties of the marble has the effect of reducing structure-borne noise to an absolute minimum,” Please see their post here for further explanation.

The hardware is made out of high quality materials too. The cables is made out of OFC (oxygen free copper) with silver plating and sheathed with variety of materials that can further eliminate noise that makes the transmission smooth to make the sound unbelievably pure and clear. The digital music is handled by the ultra powerful ESS Sabre ES9018 chip that's using 8 internal DACs to convert audio to 32 bit / 384 KHz.

The amplifier is also made out of a Carrara marble base from Italy that has a protective glass cover which opens up for you to get the headphones. It also has an on and off button to control the vacuum tunes rising out of the marble base.

Gizmodo also noted that Sennheiser told them that the Orpheus 2 has a frequency response of 8 - 100 KHz which is definitely far beyond what human ears can hear. That also helps this headphone ensure that distortion is really low in audible range. The Orpheus 2 is also capable of letting you hear details that you never heard before, make everything sound like real life and sound absolutely wonderful.

It's priced at USD 55,000 which is equivalent to 2,574,027 Pesos when directly converted. If you're an ultra rich person that really wants to hear the best, you may want to check this out. However, for normal individuals like me, I can only dream as of this moment.

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