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Meizu HD50 Headphones Launched! Priced Under 3000 Pesos!

Meizu is one of the rare mobile manufacturer that cares about music, the reason behind that is they started their business with music players. Last year we were in awe when they released the Meizu MX4 Pro which is still one of the best audiophile friendly smartphone today. Few days ago, they just announced their latest headphone called Meizu HD50 that appears to rival the highly acclaimed Mi Headphones.
Meizu HD50 Headphones Launched! Priced Under 3000 Pesos!
The Meizu HD50

Just like Mi, the Meizu HD50 is a gorgeous looking headphones that appears to be made out of well crafted materials. It features a detachable cable system that has a metal clad volume controls that reminds me of several high-end head-units, it also comes with an airplane headphone socket adapter, 6.3 mm adapter to plug it with big amplifiers and a sleek looking headphone case.

Priced at just 399 Yuan which is roughly around under 3,000 Philippine Pesos, this one appears to be a killer headphone deal. It will be on sale on China starting today November 11, 2015 and might be out soon via international retailers.

There's still no word about the rest of the details by far, like what type of driver technology the used, specs etc. I just hope that this headphone truly sounds good to match its great look for the price.

Update: As per GSM Arena, this headphone features an over-the-ear design, has a metal casing and leatherette padding inside. It weighs at 228 grams that should make it comfortable to wear. It also using a ultra fine bio fiber diaphragm technology that boast a distortion of less than 0.5%, frequency range of 20-20,000 Hz, sensitivity of 103 ± 3 dB and impedance of 32 ohms.

Given those specs, I'm sure that this headphone will be easy to drive and should sound great as it boast one of the lowest distortion from a budget HiFi headphone.

I'll definitely keep na eye on this. What do you think guys?

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