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Nissan Launched The First The First Car Parts Online Shopping Store In The Philippines!

Great news to all Nissan enthusiast and owners out there! The company just announced the Nissan Parts Online website, a platform where customers can easily view and purchase GENUINE Nissan parts, accessories and merchandise that started this November 3, 2015!
Nissan Launched The First The First Car Parts Online Shopping Store In The Philippines!
Buying legit Nissan parts is now easier! It will be delivered straight in your doorsteps!
The first car parts online shopping store in the Philippines!

Searching for your desired parts is extremely easy here as you can do 3 types of searches: The basic search, advanced search and send an inquiry if you can't still find your car parts. Nissan car owners can now purchase their items online and have it delivered to their homes for FREE within 24 hours in Metro Manila via LBC. (conditions may apply) This service also allows users / buyers to monitor the delivery status and orders online.

"Nissan is excited to introduce a new innovation to the automotive industry as we launch our Nissan Parts Online portal." said Antonio Zara, President and Managing Director of Nissan Philippines, Inc. "It is our commitment to bring innovation that excites our market. The Launch of Nissan Parts Online is another testament to our promise of turning What If into What Is, through continuously challenging and innovating how we serve our customers."

With this new type of service, customers can now conveniently upkeep their vehicles. The online portal of Nissan also features promotional announcements for specific parts, accessories and merchandises.

With this buying car parts has never been easier, this is customer service. To visit their website: Click Here!
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