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YouPoundit Wins The Retail Startup Of The Year At Rice Bowl Awards!

YouPountit.com a known e-commerce site that sells a lot of consumer electronic in the Philippines just took home the "Retail Startup Of The Year" at the Rice Bowl Awards held at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
YouPoundit Wins The Retail Startup Of The Year At Rice Bowl Awards!
Kristian Salvo, Founder & CEO of YouPoundit.com at the Rice Bowl Startup Awards in Malaysia

In case you missed it, Rice Bowl Startup Awards is the first ASEAN award that celebrates rising startups that harness technology innovatively to propel their business regionally. The awards honor rising startups that:

  • Embrace mobility by harnessing technology, especially in web or mobile, in redefining business strategies
  • Promise high growth potential and are worthy of a regional shout-out

The awards are named after diet staple among Asians, so is technology for fuelling businesses of the future. A total of 376 nominations were received across outstanding startups in the region. A panel of over 30 judges from the awards community partners evaluated the entries in four broad areas: Business, Traction, Unique Selling Proposition and Investability. YouPoundit.com bested other retail startups in the ASEAN region to win the Retail Startup Of The Year category.

That's what you call a clear testament on how much effort the guys at YouPoundit are putting into the quality of their craft. Keep up the good work guys in giving consumers great prices all the time. Congratulations!

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