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LG Tone Pro Bluetooth In-Ear Monitor Review


Bluetooth In-ear monitor have always felt like a niche product for me but over the years it has grown to a market of its own. The bane of any earphone user has always been the long wires that can get entangled on itself that destroys the internal wiring or can get hooked to something that would lead to either getting your in-ear monitors pulled of your ears or getting your wires pulled out of the speakers and leave you with nothing to use and probably a hole in your wallet. The latter is more apparent when used by someone with an active lifestyle.
LG Tone Pro Bluetooth In-Ear Monitor Review
LG Tone Pro Bluetooth In-Ear Monitor review

LG Tone Pro Specs

Drivers: Neodymium Magnet
Battery: Up to 10 hours (Music) / Up to 15 hours (Talk time) Up to 21 days (Standby)
Connectivity: Bluetooth 3.0, aptx, A2DP, AVRCP
Others: Echo cancellation, noise reduction, text to speech, auto reconnect
Dimensions: 138.43 x 172.97 x 17.53 mm
Weight: 34.86 g
Price: 2499 Pesos

Unboxing / Accessories

LG Tone Pro Bluetooth In-Ear Monitor Review
Every design decision was with purpose

When you pop open the box you get the In-ear Earphones front and center with a small black box. Inside this little black box are the two extra ear tips to suite your own personal ear canal size, the documentation and the USB Charging cord.

Build Quality / Design

LG Tone Pro Bluetooth In-Ear Monitor Review
Up close and personal! Notifications and Alarm Toggle

For when you are not wearing the headphones, magnets are located at the edge of the main band where the ear tips stick to to keep them dangling around or getting entangled with each other.

Button Placements are easy to reach but can get some getting used to as you can't see the labels when you are actually wearing them.

With most parts made from premium glossy polycarbonate, the main body feels solid but light while the rest is made of matte finish rubber. It is clear that LG is aiming for less on form and more on function as this makes the product good for people on the go or with an active lifestyle as the materials mentioned earlier can resist sweat and dirt more. Though it could look better, it isn't ugly.

Comfort / Isolation

The whole item is light and I let the band hang on my neck. It is light enough to let you forget you are even wearing it. They give you a couple of ear pieces to fit your ear canals to provide the best possible comfort for individual use if they fit your ears. If they don't fit, Isolation suffers dramatically.

Isolation is very minimal as you can still hear most ambient background sounds. There were times I thought that it was coming from the earphones but it was really my cellphone speakers.


LG Tone Pro Bluetooth In-Ear Monitor Review
The best part is that it only needs to be charged for an hour!

Battery life is impressive. For the last week, I have been using the LG tone for four to seven hours per day continuously. It took four days from when I pulled it out of the box, before I was prompted by earphones to charge it. What is even more surprising is that it took only an hour to charge it to full capacity. The new bluetooth standard really works.

Sound Quality / Performance

LG Tone Pro Bluetooth In-Ear Monitor Review
Tap the left silver button for calls and tap the right silver button for music controls!

Sound quality is good. It is clean however we would prefer something with a little more crisp. Sound stage on the other hand was passable. It felt like a small recording studio than a huge opera hall. 

The volume can bust your eardrums but it never gets distorted.
Volume can really bust your ear drums but never get distorted. When you turn it on a female voice telling you that the device is on and that it is ready to pair. It also tells you the status of the battery (Full, Medium or Low). 

Pairing with the Iphone, Myphone My36 and a Nokia bar phone went smoothly. For some reason our Macbook and Galaxy Note 5 can not detect the device while the Iphone and the My36 can.

Pro's - Light, convenient, easy to pair when compatible, battery life is impressive, fast charging, good price
Con's - It could get prettier, soundstage, isolation and crispiness could be improved


I never wanted to take it off, If I could just pair it with all of my devices whenever I switch I would. If you aren't an audiophile, and if you prefer convenience and if you live an active lifestyle, this bluetooth In-Ear Monitor is for you.

GIZ Rating: 4/5 Stars
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