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The Snapdragon 820 Boosted Xiaomi Mi5 To Launch This Feb 24?

After more than a year since the introduction of the Mi4, rumors are suggesting that the popular Chinese brand will finally reveal the much awaited Mi5. Recently, there are several reports / leaks / rumors stating that the Xiaomi Mi5 might be announced in their Spring conference that will happen this February 24 or 2016.
Xiaomi Mi5 Pink
The new Xiaomi Mi5?

Going to the expected specification of the handset based on the leaked images and videos, the alleged Xiaomi Mi5 will boast a 5.2 inch QHD screen, large 4 GB of RAM, 16 MP main camera, either 8 or 13 M selfie shooter and a decent 3,600 mAh of battery capacity.

What's even more interesting is reports are stating that it will be featuring the monstrous Snapdragon 820 chip that makes them one of the first brands to release that aside from LeEco's LeMax Pro.

Anyway, whatever Xiaomi will release on that date, we'll definitely take a look at it and report to you guys as soon as possible.

Any expectations?

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