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Beats Pill+ Now Retails In PH! Better Than Ever At 13490 Pesos Only!

A sound bigger than its size, that's the promise of the latest addition of the growing speaker family of Beats audio. The main news here is that highly anticipated portable speaker is now available in the Philippines!
Beats Pill+ Philippines
Beats Pill+ Philippines

In case you missed it, the Beats Pill+ is designed with stereo active 2-way crossover system that has an optimized sound field for good dynamic range and decent clarity with much power on a small package. It also goes with a tweeter and woofer separation that differentiates the sound to give a sharper and better listening experience.
The case
The case

The Beats Pill+ also goes with a pair and play feature that allows you to connect on any Bluetooth enabled device, whether its you favorite smartphone, PC and etc. This speaker also has an integrated microphone that has an improved voice performance to give you that sweet clarity in the calls you'll make.

Touting a 12 hour battery life, this mini speaker can surely last for a while to let you enjoy music a lot longer.

Aside from that, the Pill+ is lightning cable ready for apple devices that gives you seamless integration between hardware, software and the entire Apple ecosystem. The Beats Pill+ app from the App store is also now available to let you control music through two Bluetooth sources and share your music easily.

It goes in black and white colors and retails at 13,490 Pesos only. The Beats Pill+ is now readily available here thru MSI-ECS its sole distributor. For more info, make sure to contact them at 688-3509 or email marketing@msi-ecs.com.ph.
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