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Acer Philippines Had A Successful 2015 In PC, Notebooks, Displays And Smartphones! (Press Release)

Acer Philippines had a great 2015! As a result, their celebrating their success across the board with PCs, Notebooks, Displays and Smartphones. As a matter of fact as per the data presented by IDC they're leading in those above mentioned categories.
Acer Predator 17, Acer's current flagship pc
Acer Predator 17, Acer's current flagship pc

First in the notebook market share, Acer has been very good for the past decade. They were able to get in between 28 - 35% (2006 - 2016) and is the current leader in PCs with 15-21% for seven consecutive years (2009 - 20015).

In the display category, they were able to reach as high as 216% and was the highest ranking brand in Q4 of 2015! In the projector line (IDC), they were ranked number 2 with 30% of market share for the whole year of 2015 as per PMA research.

In the smartphone scene, Acer had a great year as well especially when they introduced their latest line last year. Endorsed by Toni Gonzaga, the Acer smartphone brand have been growing steadily and quickly while getting good recognition. As a result, they were able to ship nearly as many units with their notebooks in the Philippines in 2015.

Now let's all watch out on how Acer will sustain this good momentum. I'm sure they can by releasing more game changing and innovative products with great prices.
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