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Euroo Armour Bluetooth Speaker (EBS-A1) Review! Your Great Sounding Outdoor Mate!

With the plethora of Bluetooth speakers that are being sold on the market today, it is getting difficult to know which speaker you should get for the job you want it to perform. March is ending soon and summer would be in full blast. So we decided to give the Euroo Armour Bluetooth Speaker with IP 65 water resistant certification, this could be the speaker you are looking for for your next beach bash!
Euroo Armour Bluetooth Speaker (EBS-A1) Review!
Euroo Armour Bluetooth Speaker (EBS-A1) Review! 

Armour Bluetooth Speaker (EBS-A1) Specs

Drivers: 2 x 3W speakers
Battery: 2,600 mAh, up to 6 hours
Certification: IP65 (Waterproof, shockproof)
Connectivity: Bluetooth 3.0, A2DP, AVRCP, GAVDP and AVDTP, 3.5 mm female port, micro USB, regular USB
Price: 3,899 Pesos

Unboxing / Accessories

The box
The box

The box comes with the speaker, a carabiner, a 1 meter 3.5 mm cable and a 1m micro USB cable. The materials of each piece feels solid and premium from the get-go.
Inclusions inside
Inclusions inside

Build Quality / Design

Study build quality
Study build quality

The speakers looks like it was pulled out of a lamborghini with aggressive angular design cuts on the green shell. On the front and back of the device there is a thick plastic plate with cutouts where the sound passes through. These  are held together with round black bolts. 
It is wrapped in a green plastic enclosure similar to soft plastic phone cases but denser. 

The device is built like a brick: heavy and sturdy. There is no flex anywhere on the hard plastic face plates or backs of the speaker. I feel like tossing this thing to a Clicker from The Last of Us to stun it. The soft plastic around the device provides shock resistance and water resistance and decent grip.

The weakest link on the device has to be the narrow plastic stopper attaching the plastic cover to the speakers. It works like the stopper on tsinelas. The rest of the device is chunky and well-built in comparison that this tiny plastic stopper looks like the weakest link.
Buttons on top
Buttons on top

The speaker does lack in ergonomics. It is not round enough for a hand to grip the entire device making it awkward to hold with one hand.

There are six buttons on the top of the device:the previous/next song buttons, the answer call button, the volume up/down buttons, and the pause/play button. They have good physical click as feedback when pressed.
The ports
The ports

There additional controls on the right side protected by a water resistant cover which has the power switch, a full USB port for being a powerbank, a micro-USB for charging, 3.5mm jack.
Carabiner placement
Carabiner placement

Another thing is the Euroo Armour speakers has thick plastic hoops of the same material as the plastic shell where you could attach carabiners and alike. I would have preferred metal hoops that are sturdy as the hoops flex a little especially when travelling.

The first digit of the IP rating stands for dust resistance from 0 to 6: no resistance to perfectly sealed respectively. In this case it is ‘X’ which means that it was not tested for any dust resistance.

The second digit stands for water resistance: 0 to 8. In this case ‘5’. It means that the device withstood water being sprayed onto it but not full immersion in water.

With IPX5, you can take this speaker through the rain but not wading in floods.


This device uses Bluetooth 3.0 which is compatible with most modern devices. In close ranges, there is little lag when pressing the media controls. Performance drops at around 20 meters outdoors.

One odd thing is that the Play/Pause button uses the Bluetooth Logo instead of the usual triangle and two bars logo. Holding this button briefly disconnects the speaker from the device it is paired with.

There are voiced audio cues for pairing, device connected and low battery warnings.

There is notable lag with the Min/Max volume warning. It stops the music, pauses and then does a two note beep, pauses again and then continues playing music. It takes around a full second to return to the music and gets annoying.

Battery Life

True to its name, the large 2600 mAH battery is hard to kill. The speakers lasted 3.5 hours at max volume of continuous music playback using bluetooth. Lowering the volume to around 50 to 75% made the speakers last much longer, up to 12 hours. Rarely did I find myself needing to charge this speakers.

The Armour also has a powerbank function using its full USB port to charge devices. It can charge devices at a rate of 500 mA which is slow compared for power-hungry fast-charging devices. But it is a nice feature to have in a pinch as it can be used to power those USB fans.

Sound Quality

This speakers also has a 3.5 mm jack as input and a 1m cable for it. I found no noticeable difference between using bluetooth or the cable.

The speakers get loud, easily filling a room with sound. I found the sounds neutral with trebles or bass never overpowering.

Outdoors and outputting at max volume, the speakers are easily heard 10 meters away from the device. The bluetooth connection starts lagging and becoming unresponsive at around 20 meters. Connection s starts dropping at around 30 meters.

Pros - Solid build quality, Great price, Loud, IPX5 Water resistance, Can be used as a 500mAh powerbank
Cons - Flimsy plastic stopper attaching the speakers to the port cover, No battery level indicator, Slow ‘Max volume’ warning that stops music for a whole second, Slow 500mAh charging as a powerbank


Summer has come and if you are planning any getaway that needs music where water will be present, the Euroo Tough speaker is one of the best contender for value at it's price point!

GIZ Rating: 4/5 Stars
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