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SKK Chronos Teased, A 6 Inch Phone With 2.5D Curved Arc Screen!

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Not an April fools joke this time. SKK Mobile just messaged us that the phone they're currently teasing on their Facebook page is a real upcoming unit. Dubbed as the SKK Chronos, it appears to be an elegant looking 6 inch phone with edge to edge 2.5D curved arc screen.
SKK Mobile Chronos teased
SKK Mobile Chronos teased

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Based on the renders it uses an all metal frame, have a selfie camera with flash, has LTE / 4G connectivity, has physical capacitive buttons and runs on a clean looking Android skin.
A new phablet to watch out?

A new phablet to watch out?

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However and unfortunately, that's the only info we have right now. We do not have high hopes in it, but we wish and think that it will go with decent internals for the price.

This could also be their chance to be on track again as they've been very quiet lately. Can they pull another SKK Lynx grade of success with this Chronos?

Let's all find out in the coming days.

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What do you think guys?

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