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Sharp Aquos Zeta Boast A 22.6 MP Ricoh Certified Rear Camera!

Earlier, we read an interesting news that the camera module of Sharp's upcoming phone will be certified by a premium camera company. Named as the Sharp Aquos Zeta, Ricoh provided this handset with their official certification.
Sharp Aquos Zeta
Sharp Aquos Zeta

This "camera certification thing" was popularized by Huawei early this year with their partnership with Leica cameras. Do this mean that we might see more smartphone brands collaborating with well known camera brands?

Going back, the Ricoh certified rear camera that we're talking about boast a large a 22.6 MP sensor. However, what else it can do remains a mystery for now. What we speculate is this certain type of camera is poised to compete with the best in the world soon.

Going to the rest of the specs, the Sharp Aquos Zeta is the company's upcoming flagship that touts a 1080p IGZO screen of unknown size, runs with the powerful Snapdragon 820 quad core processor and has 3 GB of RAM for ample multitasking. This phone will also be waterproofed to make it more interesting.

Based on the leaked image above, this phone will be available in green, black and white colors. For now, the rest of we have no clue yet about the rest of the missing details.

We'll keep you guys posted.

Source: GSMArena
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