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Final Fantasy VII Now Available On Android, But Pricey And Buggy Yet?

After its iOS release almost one year ago, Final Fantasy VII, one of the most memorable PlayStation games of all time finally makes it way to Android.
Final Fantasy VII on Android
Final Fantasy VII on Android

However, Final Fantasy VII will to be only fully functional on Sony smartphones, Nexus 4 and above, Galaxy S5 and newer that runs on Android 4.3 or higher. It also has large game require space of 4 GB, but will only eat 2 GB of memory when installed properly.

PhoneArena also stated that Square Enix admitted that the game is buggy yet, but was released right away.

For now, we think that this game isn't that optimized yet, but if you're willing to risk and play this nostalgic game, it ca be directly downloaded via Google Play Store with a hefty price of USD 15.99 which is around 830 Pesos.

What do you think guys?

Source: PhoneArena
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