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Alleged Android Powered Nokia P1 Press Renders Leaks!

Next year, the much missed Nokia brand will be back in action to create Android powered smartphones and tablet. As an update that should excite the rest of the world, there are recent leaks of press renders that reveals what Nokia could release next.
Nokia P1 rumored press render
Nokia P1 rumored press render

Based on the image, the smartphone will be known as the Nokia P1. It is reportedly developed by engineers at Infocus and Sharp, who was involved with a Foxconn deal and HMD that was filled with former executives of Microsoft's mobile division. In relation, Nokia and Foxconn had a deal about the licensing of the Nokia name.

Based on the render it seems that it'll be an all metal phone with beautiful curves and colors. There's also a 2.5D like glass on top as well. However, we still have no clues on what will the Nokia P1 have inside in terms of specs.

While all of these are still rumors, there's a chance that this could be the next Nokia phone that will fully run on Android operating system. Also mind to take everything that we posted here as a grain of salt. It's just a rumor which is not yet confirmed if real or not.

Do you think its a legit render? Let us know.

Source: PhoneArena
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