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Globe Announced The New GoSURF50 (GS50) Too, Comes With Over 750 MB Data And Unlimited SMS To All Networks In 3 Days!

Aside from their competitor, Globe Telecoms just announced that there will be a bigger and much improved GoSURF50. They'll double the normal 350 MB allocation to 750 MB and even add an unlimited SMS that works for all networks in 3 days.
Globe's new GOSURF50 (GS50)
Globe's new GOSURF50 (GS50)

Aside from that, Globe will also provide you with additional FREE Facebook and 300 MB of data access to your content of choice. You can choose from YouTube Snapchat, Viber, Spotify Basic, Dailymotion, and even games like Clash of Clans / Clash Royale.
Globe's new GoSURF50 is a much better offering that enables users to enjoy internet better, longer, and smarter.
All the users need to do is use the keyword GS50 and SMS to 8888 or search for that promo using the *143# and enjoy.

Globe users will experience the new and better GoSURF50 starting this Saturday of July 2, 2016. Great news right?

Source: Globe
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