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SKK Chronos Ace+ Teased, What To Expect?

Currently, the Ace is the "only decent" phone in SKK's Chronos series, the main reason why it became popular among individuals who seeks good Marshmallow experience on a budget.
SKK Ace Plus
SKK Ace Plus

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That's why it we think that it only makes sense that they create a follow-up to that phone. Something that's better and will continue the great things they did with the Chronos Ace and avoid their mistakes with the Cross and Byte.

What to expect?

Given the "Plus" moniker means a lot of things. First, its expected to see this phone have a bigger screen of at least 5.5 inch. Second, better internals like an octa core chip, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB storage, and 3,000 mAh of battery capacity. SKK could also increase the camera and put modern features such as LTE connectivity.

While we don't expect this to be a "killer phone", something decent that can compete with the modern bang per buck phones today will be highly appreciate. Plus it's about time for them to have a better phone than Lynx.

Any guesses?

Source: SKK
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