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VIDEO: 8 Things You Will Love About No Mans Sky!

I’ve been seeing a lot of hate videos about this game, but there’s so much to love about No Man’s Sky.  Others are looking for a plot or a story, but this isn’t a role-playing game, where characters present questions and you’ll answer them by moving the stick to a group of multiple choices.  And on the case of being repetitive, I have three words: Shoot, Kill, Respawn? Come on, people. Most of the games that came out are in some way repetitive.
8 things you'll love about No Man's Sky

So, here's 8 things you'll love about No Man's Sky

1. Exploring the Universe - Two words: Hyper Drive. Who doesn’t want to jump from one star system to another. Making endless discoveries and name those discoveries any way you want?

2. There are over 18 Quintillion planets to discover. You want an open world, here’s an open Universe.

3. It’s made by an Indie Developer, Hello Games. I have automatic love for the underdog developers out there who wants to make their mark in the industry. You don’t need to have a Playstation Plus subscription to play the game.  Although there is still some debate of this being a multi-player game or not, if this really is a single player game - it wouldn’t bother me as much.

4. Although procedurally generated, every planet is unique in scenery, flora and fauna

5. Not everyone will love No Man’s Sky.  Yes, that’s what I love about No Man’s Sky, because others will either hate it so much, they will make a video rant out of it, or  extremely love the game and flood my Twitter timeline with photos, #NoMansSky #PS4Share

6. The possibility of DLC’s and updates: I think it’s safe to say that this is Hello Games’ flagship game, and they will cherish this with grand customer support, constant updates, future DLC’s which will probably initiate multi-player interaction, and other stuff we’re craving about.  Have a little faith my fellow space explorers.

7. No Man’s Sky is done by 10-ish number of developers. While others spent hundreds and thousands of dollars to acquire expensive game developers, hello games have 10-15 people working on this game.  And that’s a testament to their passion for this project.

8. Despite issues with the PC version, on the PS4, it is so amazing and smooth. And I’m selfishly thanking Hello Games for making it exclusive to the PS4.

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