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Onkyo E700M IEM Review - Real High Resolution Audio!

The Japanese are known for their discipline and their ingenuity! So much so that products that are designed and made in Japan endure the test of time! Onkyo, the Japanese brand known for their quality speakers released their E7000M HiFi earphones last mid 2015. Will this product assert their expertise to expand to personal audio experience? Let's find out!
Onkyo E700M IEM Review - Real High Resolution Audio!
Meet Onkyo E700M

Note: This works for both PC, Android and iOS devices

Disclaimer: This unit was provided by Onkyo Philippines for an honest review

Onkyo E700M Specs

Driver type: Dynamic
Frequency response: 6 Hz - 40,000 kHz
Impedance: 32 ohms
Sensitivity: 108 dB
Connectivity: Wired 
Connecting interface: 3.5 mm 
Cable length: 1.2 m
Weight: 18 g
Price: 8,599 Pesos

Unboxing / Accessories

The box
The box

Packaged in a tall box that has a fancy double door presentation. It is clear that Onkyo is serious about its premium price tag carries premium presentation. The little detail that sold me on it was the door's magnet locks that sealed the doors tight. 
The important inclusions inside
The important inclusions inside

When you do open it, the earphones, the wires, the extra ear pieces are all in view and are all easy to access. It all adds to the experience.

We have three extra silicone ear piece with descending ear sizes. Two pairs are made of silicone while the last pair is made of foam. They all have uniform look and they all have this distinct texture that gives it a step above the competition's offerings.

Build Quality / Design

Premium matte and glossy finishes!
Premium matte and glossy finishes!

The uniqueness of this item is apparent at first glance because of the intertwined dual tone wires that helps in better signal conduction and in catching attention!

We also noticed that this monitor has proper strain reliefs from the jack, y-splitter, body of the monitors which adds more confidence about its durability. Earpieces on the other hand has the half in-ear monitor design that in theory will give it a better sound stage.
Great Onkyo mic and 3.5 mm gold plated jack
Great Onkyo mic and 3.5 mm gold plated jack

In terms of durability, the E700M's earpieces, gold plated 3.5 mm headphone jack, wires and the ear tips all feel solid to hold and scratch resistant. We would often do the pocket test where in we place the earphones in our pockets to see if it get scratched. So far, we have yet to see any visible tarnish. Then often, twisted braided cables are more durable than ordinary rounded TPU or flat wires.

The only point that we would like to raise is the junction where the 3.5 mm jack is connected to the wires. Usually, this is the weakest point in most wired components may it be power plugs, earphones or the like. The junction felt strong but We would still be a little worried given the price of this in-ear monitors!
Comfort / Isolation
1 pair of foam, 2 pairs of silicon!

When wearing the correct size of ear tips, they just fit and feel like they become a part of you. We've experienced more comfortable ear tips but this is definitely one of the better ones we've had our ears try. I am sure most people will think so too!
Comfort level is GOOD!
It can be worn either straight down or over-ear depending on your preference. In my case, I just like wearing everything over-ear as it feels more secure in the ears and avoid microphonics.

We barely experienced cable noise may it be when we were stationary or when we were on the go.

Isolation-wise the E700M offers decent isolation where in it blocked most of the ambient sound except for loud motorbikes screeching or the loud car horns! We tried it in one of our offices with an electric fan and a loud ceiling fan and as soon as we wore them and turned on the music, we could barely hear any of it!

Sound Quality

We used the IEM with several lossless FLAC albums from the 90's to modern day to really put the earphones to its paces. Aside from that, we also check it with the not that high-quality Spotify, YouTube, and Blinkist streaming.

The results are wonderful! The Onkyo E7000M delivered better than expected tuning against lower-end high res certified in ear monitors. It delivered a warm and smooth signature with SOLID emphasis in the bass region in a GOOD way for audiophiles.

The lows have that lush deep feel which proper slams and punch. On bass heavy tracks, you'll feel that the sub-bass crawls deep and vibrates well in your ears. It's the type of bass that's tight, fast, and enjoyable. However, if you are a bass-head, you might find it a tad lacking.

Fortunately, if you are an audiophile, that good type of bass (not over bassy) is something you'll appreciate. Why? The strongest point of this set is the way it made sure that everything will still sound clear and crisp. The mids presented that MEATY (full sound) that's highly detailed. 
WE HEARD SOUNDS we never heard from other ear phones!
In some tunes, we even noticed the breathing of the vocalist from some of the songs we listen to and that's crazy! The distinction from the E700M is the meatiness of each tone. It is really MEATY!

Highs on the other hand is fine where hiss is minimal and it still extends quite well. However, there are some issues where it sounds thin and not that sparkly in some tracks. That doesn't mean that it isn't good, but it should have been better.

Drive-ability could also be an issue for some DAPs or smartphone as music player that doesn't have HiFi audio capability. Why? It's 32 Ohms drivers are a little harder to drive than usual low-powered IEMs. It requires at least 70-100% volume in modern smartphones to make the E700M shine.

Note: It's microphone is clearer than most we tried for calls and recordings found on an earphones.

Pros - Clear, meaty sound with decent soundstage, good musicality, detailed sound, durable build, decent isolation, great comfort
Cons - More expensive PH price, highs are thin at times, might be hard to drive for old smartphones with weak headphone audio out


It may be a little expensive but with the decent power output and the decent sound stage coupled with MEATY high resolution mids, trebles and bass, this product is nearly unmatched by most mainstream brands in the Philippine Market at this price point.

We think that this even beats the "Focal Sphear" reviewed earlier this year. It is simply that good!

GIZ RATING: 4.5/5 Stars
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