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Sony PlayPtation 4 Pro, Slim, And New Peripherals Announced!

Recently, Sony Interactive Entertainment Hongkong Limited Singapore Branch (SIES) has announced the PlayStation 4 Pro, PlayStation 4 Slim, and new peripherals to compliment the console.
Sony PlayPtation 4 Pro, Slim, And New Peripherals Announced!
The PS4 Pro NBA 2K17 bundle

The PlayStation 4 Pro (CUH-7000 series) boast enhanced and improved image processing capabilities and 4K resolution support. It'll have a boosted architecture that includes an upgraded CPU and GPU to deliver graphics with great visual representation, detail, precision, and quality.

It's equipped with a new form factor with slanted body design with mirror finish which consist of 3 layers of blocks. The console will have 3 USB ports (1 rear and 2x back) for easy connection of other devices such as the PlayStation VR system. Then PS4 Pro will also feature a 1TB HDD x 3 to accomodate more games, demos, download contents, and etc.

Users with 4K TVs will now enjoy all PS4 titles in higher-quality such as 4K quality resolution with faster or more stable frame rates. Even 1080p game plays will be more stable.

In addition, the PS4 Pro packs 4K video playback support for video streaming services like YouTube and Netflix. To prepare for the future, PS4 Pro will now support HDR imaging technology that allows reproduction of colors with nicer realism, truer / more vivid colors, and brighter / darker videos.
“Today marks an exciting new milestone for PlayStation as we unveiled the high-end PS4 Pro in the midst of the console lifecycle, catering to gamers who are looking for a heightened PS4 experience," said Andrew House, President and Global CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment. "By accelerating the innovation cadence at PlayStation, we’re introducing choice in the marketplace, enabling gamers to choose the PS4 model that meets their needs. Ultimately, with titles that leverage the potential of PS4 Pro – plus PlayStation VR launching soon – all PS4 owners continue to benefit from having the best place to play.”
On the other hand, the company also announced the slimmer and lighter PlayStation 4 Slim (CUH-2000 series).
The PS4
Slimmer PS4?

It has a new form factor that inherits the slanted body design of the previous models with foreside and backslide of its glossy body slightly angled. The corners are trimmed, curved, and looks simplier. As a result, it smaller in volume by more than 30%, lighter by 25% (CUH-1000 series) and 16% (CUH-1000 series).

Even if it is slimmer, it retained great speed and performance. It even has HDR support for HDR ready TVs and supports more PS4 titles. Those includes: FINAL FANTASY XV (SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.), Gravity Rush 2, Horizon Zero Dawn (SIE WWS), Ryu Ga Gotoku 6 Inochi no Uta.(SEGA Games Co., Ltd.), and The Last Guardian (SIE WWS), Thumper (Drool).

Lastly, Sony introduced their latest set of peripherals to compliment your PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim. It includes the PlayStation Camera 2 (CUH-ZEY2) to support your PS VR priced at 2,990 Pesos, PS4 DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller priced at 2,495 Pesos, and a Vertical Stand (CUH-ZST2) that can be used s a mount / stand priced at 1,399 Pesos only.

The PlayStation 4 Pro's availability will be announced on a later date. It'll retail for 22,990 Pesos here in the Philippines. The price PlayStation 4 Slim on the other hand starts at 17,300 Pesos (regular), 18,990 Pesos (NBA 2K17 bundle pack this September 24, 2016), and 20,490 Pesos for the (Infinite Warfare Bundle Pack this November 2016).

For more info and full specs, visit PlayStation Blog now.
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