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LD Systems Curved 500 ES Plus And Cameo Superfly XS & Storm Debut At November HiFi Show 2016!

At the recently concluded November HiFi Show 2016, LD Systems showcased their game changing state-of-the-art audio equipment to everyone.
LD Systems Curved 500 ES Plus And Cameo Superfly XS & Storm Debut At November HiFi Show 2016!
LD Systems booth at November HiFi Show 2016

Dubbed as the Curved 500 ES Plus, it is a first of its kind hybrid array speaker system which can be converted to either stereo system for home use or a portable vertical line array system for stage use. It defied the norm of speaker systems as it is suitable on almost any applications.

Unlike most big audio systems and even household speakers, the Curved 500 ES Plus doesn't lack in clarity and quality of sound. It is detail packed, pure, and powerful sounding due to its WaveAhead Technology. This kind of tech puts three tweeters in front of a powerful full-range driver to ensure that it offers wide dispersion of mid and high frequencies with an ultra-compact enclosure.
Curved 500 ES Plus

Then thru its patented SmartLink System, it'll allow you to connect up to 4 satellite speakers through its slide-and-lock mechanisms to produce uniform and excellent sound experience. Plus, it can be connected easily to your musical devices such as computer and keyboard simultaneously.

Jay Durias, a composer, singer, and songwriter of the band, South Border is inspired to make good music with LD Systems. "What's important is a good sound," Durias said in his promotional interview video with LD Systems. "A good sound is equal to true sound, and if you have that coming to you as a performer, you will have good performance because you are affected by good sound," he added.

Aside from the Curved 500 ES Plus, the company that brought LD Systems to the Philippines, Audio Video Solutions Corporation, also showcased the Cameo - a new brand of lighting system from Germany. The Cameo Superfly XS & Storm can produce lights that's perfect for professional use that can even be used at home for parties.

LD Systems products are available at SM Applicance, Gadget Hub @ The SM Store, Astroplus, Odyssey, Robinsons Appliance, Intune, other leading appliance / music stores, and Lazada Philippines.
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