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The JBL Reflect Aware Earphones With Noise Cancellation Will Be Your Best Buds This Christmas!

With the holidays just around the corner, you’ll most likely head back home and enjoy the most delightful of Christmas food and New Year treats. And with that said, you can pretty much expect to gain some weight over the course of December. But never fear, JBL’s latest Reflect Aware earphones will help you whip yourself back into shape in no time by adding some tunes to your workout!
JBL Reflect Aware Earphones Philippines
JBL Reflect Aware Philippines

The JBL Reflect Aware Earphones are designed to help you stay aware while you do your runs - its noise cancellation feature can give way to environmental sounds to help you notice what’s happening with your surroundings. And hey, JBL’s reputation in the industry will ensure that you’re getting precise, naturally articulated audio.
Looking cool!
Looking cool!

Furthermore, the JBL Reflect Aware Earphones even come with a unique reflective design to keep things safe whenever you’re running at night. It doesn’t even need batteries since it draws power and digital audio straight from your iPhones. And yeah, it does solve the lack of headphone jack on the iPhone 7. That’s hitting two birds with one stone.

JBL Reflect Aware Specs

Drivers: 14.8 mm Dynamic drivers
Frequency response: 10kHz – 22kHz
Connectivity: Lightning connector
Features: Noise Cancellation, Adaptive Noise Control, Lightning Connector, JBL Signature Sound, Sweat proof, Ergonomic Ear-Tips, Reflective cables
Price: PHP 8,490

The JBL Reflect Aware sport earphones are now readily available at Power Mac Center Stores for PHP 8,490. If you find it a bit steep, there’s the JBL Reflect Mini that comes cheaper at PHP 2,490.
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