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The Top Tier Smartphones To Make Your Christmas 2017 Merrier!

Smartphones have become an important part of the modern daily life. The role it plays has gone above just the device for mobile communication has now become a medium for recording memories which results in becoming an extension of one’s personality through the different customization options and the myriad of social media options out there!
The Apple iPhone 7 Plus
The Apple iPhone 7 Plus

What better way to make the season better than being able communicate with your loved ones in real time and be able to capture the moments that matter!

Down below are the best smartphones today (in no particular order) that we know will make your holidays even better:

1. Apple iPhone 7 / 7 PlusConsistency is key, and Apple has been consistent with their user experience, their design and their engineering since day one. One of which is their smartphone photography features that from the very beginning have been easy to use but have one of the best results from a smartphone for their time. The iPhone 7 continues with this trend by adding a second lens with a telephoto zoom!

Apple has also claimed increased efficiency of their iOS that even though they decreased the battery capacity from the previous model will still yield a longer battery life! It still does require around 90 to 120 minutes to charge though. 

The last and may be the most important feature of Apple is their flawless after-sales service that has made the company legendary. Apple service centers are abundant and it may take some time to for your phone to be serviced but they go as  far as loaning a temporary unit while you wait which is unheard of with Apple’s competitors!

The iPhone 7's prices start at PHP 37,990!
Huawei P9 Plus
Huawei P9 Plus

2.  Huawei P9 / P9 PlusHuawei and Leica’s collaboration has yielded one of the better choices for smartphone photography enthusiasts out there for 2016.  The 12 MP dual lens are identical except that one has an RGB sensor while the other has a monochrome sensor. It has software features that offer a bokeh control and added color saturation that adds to its flare effects that make it good all around package. 

For the hardcore photography enthusiasts, the manual mode will enable the user to control ISO, aperture, focus and exposure compensation easily! 

Battery performance has been on par with its competitors and has shown to edge out some with specific tasks. 

Huawei’s after-sales service challenges the norm by offering courier services. Calling the customer service hotline at 1800-1853-5353, 1800-8739-5227, or +63923-0990468 entitles you to a free pick-up and delivery of your Huawei device, a painless process that saves you the trouble of going to service centers or troubleshooting online by yourself.

The Huawei P9 starts at PHP 23,990 only.
Samsung Galaxy S7
Samsung Galaxy S7

3. Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 EdgeAfter the huge redesign of the S7, Samsung has been on a roll. The S6 did have some shortcomings like battery life and the lack of SD card slot, but the S7 has addressed this by having a bigger battery and having an SD card slot. They didn’t rest on their laurels though as they even added Water resistance! This has made the S7 an all around package giving it one of the best value phones out there!

What makes it better is the new 12 MP cameras with Dual Pixel technology which vastly improves autofocus! What impressed us even more was its low light capability! We found that the camera was able to produce detailed and color rich still images and video even when inside a dark concert hall!

The battery life is better because of the better capacity but the charging time is still under 90 minutes even with wireless charging which for most of us is a lifesaver!

Samsung’s stores offer service centers, which is convenient as there are Samsung stores everywhere. Customer service agents can assist you with simple repairs such as upgrading software, as well as more technical troubleshooting. You can also contact them through their hotline at 1-800-10-7267864, 1-800-8-7267864, or +63 (2) 422-2111.

The Samsung S7 starts at P 34,999!

Each of the phones above have their own uniqueness, strengths and weaknesses that may deter some or might be able to compromise with so we encourage you to choose wisely! Neither of these phones are losers though so, picking any of the three, the person you will be gifting will be happy either way!

Treat yourself to a hot new smartphone and be on your way to making your holidays a whole lot merrier - noche buena foodstagrams and all.
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