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Royqueen H3600 Review - The Bluetooth Speaker To Wake You Up!

Royqueen, one of the up-and-coming electronics brand in the country has recently introduced the H3600. It's an affordable wireless speaker with the promise of great "surround" sound in a compact size. This device also has an interesting "Alarm Clock" function with up to 3x snooze to help you in waking up.
Royqueen H3600 Review
An affordable Bluetooth speaker with alarm clock?

Will this be the speaker and alarm clock in one you'll need? Let's have a look!

Disclaimer: The H3600 wireless speaker was seeded by Royqueen Philippines for our uncolored review.

Royqueen H3600 Specs

Driver: TI + DSP, 2 x 16 core full frequency speaker, 1 x low frequency passive radiator
Battery: 2200 mAh
Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0, 1 x TF card, 1 x AUX, 1 x USB
Dimensions: 197 x 74.3 x 70 mm
Weight: 628 g
Price: PHP 2,150

Unboxing / Accessories

The box!
The box!

To begin with, the H3600 has a small box that contains important information and features about the product. Inside, you'll see the speaker immediately followed by the USB to micro USB charger and 3.5 to 3.5 audio jack.
What's inside
What's inside

The package is basic, but this would have been better if Royqueen included a USB wall charger and carrying cloth inside.

Build Quality / Design

Dual speakers with LED display in front
Dual speakers with LED display in front

The H3600 reminds us of other popular "capsule" like Bluetooth speakers in the past except that it is slightly bigger. It's constructed with a combination of metal speaker grill, plastic frame, and matte textured rubber in the middle that acts like a stopper.
Passive radiator is located behind
Passive radiator is located behind
Ports and slots at right
3.5 mm headphone jack slot, micro USB charging port, micro SD card slot, and reset button at right

Build is basic and should withstand several light drops. It'll get some dents, but it'll still wor after that. It just doesn't have water or even just splash resistance, so this isn't an advisable to be a beach or pool buddy.

Build is decent and should last with proper care!

Design-wise, the speaker has a colorful elongated capsule-like aesthetics with nice and colorful paint finish. We liked that it is minimalist and portable enough and fits most bags with ease.


Button controls and LED notifications on top
Button controls and LED notifications on top

Using this device is easy and simple. You can either connect it with Bluetooth or via 3.5 to 3.5 mm audio jack to your favorite music player. It can even be a standalone music player due to its up to 32 GB micro SD card support and FM radio function.

Going to the quality of connection, Bluetooth is GREAT and doesn't disconnect randomly. Transmission is also stable even even if I'm at least 10 meters away from the speaker. Royqueen even claimed that it'll be stable up to 30 meters.

However, wired connection via audio jack isn't great. We find that weird as most wired connection often sounds better than wireless connection. It sounds hollowed with muddy mids on that mode. FM radio signal is good too due to its with built-in copper core antenna.

The alarm clock function is cool and effective!

Another highlight of this device is it can function as an alarm clock. It has a one key stop alarm and up to 3 times snooze function. Since this speaker is loud, it definitely has the ability to wake you up.

Other functions of the speaker includes: hands free talking and Digital LCD with frequency / alarm / clock information display.

Battery Life

Moving to battery life, the Royqueen H3600 has a promise of up to 10 hours of battery life. Their claim is mostly true as we had over 8 hours of straight usage on good loudness level before charging it. Speaking of charging time, we recorded 1 hour and 15 mins from 0 to 100 percent.

Sound Quality

The Royqueen H3600 made us very excited with its promise of HiFi sound using its dual drivers w/ passive radiator to handle low frequencies and lossless audio support. Were they able to back up that claim? We'll yes and no, the speaker deliver decent sounding tunes for a speaker priced this low.

Good Bluetooth sound for the price!

We generally enjoyed its punchy lows and how clear it delivered vocals. Details are also close to full and decent in general with nice layering that's good enough to let you to hear vocal and instrument separation. Highs also has that sparkly effect with nice airiness and not that peaky sound. Soundstage is wide too due to its dual stereo speaker setup.

However, sub-bass is bloated and it can't control the rest of the frequencies once you crank the volume up. Distortion is also present on anything above the 10 volume level (it can go as high as 20) mark.

Fortunately, if you need something very loud, this is that speaker. The sound is simply HUGE.

Pros - Portable design, easy to use functions, good Bluetooth sound quality and connectivity, can go very loud when needed, long battery life, alarm clock function, fm radio mode
Cons - No splash or water resistance, lower quality sound on wired mode, uncontrolled audio and grains on high volume levels


Royqueen has a contender in the world of affordable wireless speaker with the H3600. We enjoyed its stereo sound on a small package, long battery life, and the number of functions / modes found inside.

There are few shortcomings like the lack of water resistance and and distortion on very loud volume levels. But, for a device this affordable, what Royqueen did is quite commendable. This Bluetooth speaker can really wake you up and more!

Build / Design - 4
Features - 4
Battery Life - 4
Sound - 3.75
Average - 3.93
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