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Daikin Intros 2017 Line Of Aircons

To comply with the Montreal Protocol, the Philippine government has decided to impose the phase out of the refrigerants with ozone depleting potential like R22. Daikin Philippines is replacing all of its products with environmental friendly refrigerants with no ozone depleting potential. 
Daikin Intros 2017 Line Of Aircons
President Lee Wai Kok of Daikin Philippines!

The Daikin Group has come up with their Fusion 20 strategic management plan that will define the developments of Daikin Philippines for the next five years. Under the leadership of President Lee Wai Kok, DPH is confident that Daikin Philippines will be the top air conditioning solutions provider in the Philippines!

In 2014, Daikin introduced the Urusara 7 which at the time is the only R-32 refrigerant in the market. It is revolutionary superior in both environmental and cooling performance compared to the now phased out R-22 and the R-410A that the competition is still using.

The new Daikin Cooling King Series

The new Premium and Standard Cooling King series!
The new Premium and Standard Cooling King series!

In line with this, Daikin announces the Cooling King Series which are a line of residential split air conditioner that will be launched in the Philippines with stronger cooling capability but also more efficient. 

The two new line-ups are the Standard and the Premium models. The Premium boasts 4-star energy efficiency rating which is way above the competition with the same capacity.

Both Models will use the eco-friendly R-410A that is replacing the R-22 used in the market and at a lower operating sound level of 23dBA which is comparable to leaves rustling in the wind! 

The Home Central Air Conditioning System

Refrigerant Comparison!
Refrigerant Comparison!

Quality time with your loved ones is indispensable, and Daikin knows this. The comfortable and relaxing atmosphere that only proper air conditioning can bring is a must with the rising temperatures in Manila. Everyone deserves this. As such Daikin has reinvented its highly successful commercial VRV system to redefine comfort in the residential market.

The new Home Central Air Conditioning System that will be launched in the Philippine market with its revolutionary unified system which incorporates temperature, moisture and air flow control, giving consumers the best possible comfortable cooling experience to each unique needs of each room of the residents' house.
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