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MSI Wins PCMag Readers Choice Award As The Best Windows Laptop!

For the second consecutive year, MSI wins as the best Windows Laptop brand. The company got the Readers' Choice award from PCMag, reputable global PC magazine, based on the readers' survey and feedback statistics.
MSI PCMag Readers's Choice Award 2017
MSI laptops

MSI notebook achieved the award by being a Windows laptop brand that's getting impressive improvement every time. MSI also has the highest satisfaction for its prominent reliability. On top of that, the company is well-certified laptop brand with its innovation and enthusiasm to general users.

Why MSI claims that they're ahead of others?

MSI is strongly devoted in designing and developong gaming devices and loves to push the boundaries of technology for over a decade. The company is also all out in delivering products to meet the demand of global gamers where they dedicated countless of hours and resources to eSports.

MSI has also mastered the production of process of notebooks with guaranteed 
latest state-of-the-art quality and reliability.

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