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Huawei Is Back As The Number 1 Smartphone Maker In China!

If you can recall, OPPO topped Huawei as the leader smartphone maker in China last 4th quarter of 2016. However, reports are saying that Huawei is now back on top.
Huawei Is Back As The Number 1 Smartphone Maker In China!
The excellent Huawei P10 Plus

For the first 3 months of 2017, Huawei jumped to 21 million units units sold or 18% to take the lead back in their homeland China. This is due to the company's huge commitment in making the best products possible.

Report: Huawei Is Still The Number 3 Smartphone Brand In The World!

OPPO in the other hand came into a close second place despite of the company's whopping 55% increase in year-on-year sales with 20 million units sold. Vivo got the number 3 spot with 17 million units sold or 15% of the market share.

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Together, the first 3 vendors account to more than 50% of the total smartphone shipments in China for the first time ever. 

Going back, Apple came in fourth while Xiaomi was fifth with just 9 million smartphones sold in China. Xiaomi fell from the 3rd spot from last year.

According to c a total of 114 million smartphones were shipped in China in the first quarter of 2017.

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Source: GSMArena
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