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Samsung Intros ISOCELL Brand, 4 Types Of Sensors Including A Dual Cam Setup

At the 2017 Mobile World Congress in Shanghai, Samsung Electronics, has introduced its own image sensor brand, ISOCELL together with leading-edge solutions.
Samsung Intros ISOCELL Brand, 4 Types Of Sensors Including A Dual Cam Setup
Samsung intros ISOCELL brand at MWC 2017 Shanghai

Samsung's image sensor brand was named from the company's own ISOCELL technology. It's a camera solution designed for devices that require ultra-slim designs that can produce high quality images.
ISOCELL sensors
ISOCELL sensors

ISOCELL technology separates each pixel with a physical barrier to reduce color crosstalk among pixels. It'll allow excellent image quality and colors even with smaller pixels.

ISOCELL has 4 sub-brands. Bright, Fast, Slim and Dual for different market needs.

ISOCELL models

ISOCELL Bright sensors - Delivers bright and sharp images with high color fidelity and reduced noise in low light environments.
ISOCELL Fast sensors - Provides fast autofocus onto still or moving objects even when dark.
ISOCELL Slim sensors - Adopts the smallest pixel sizes available in the market at 0.9-1.0um, yet produce high quality images for the slimmest devices.
ISOCELL Dual sensors - Can be mixed and matched in various combinations on consumer devices to bring about features demanded in the latest dual camera trend.

Samsung ISOCELL is a brand that represents the essence of our leading pixel technologies. We expect the ISOCELL brand to help consumers easily acknowledge and confide in camera performance as well as overall quality of the device,” said Ben Hur, Vice President of System LSI marketing at Samsung Electronics. “With our advanced image sensor technologies, Samsung will continue to bring innovation to cameras used in smartphones and other applications.

Hope to see this new innovations in more smartphones soon.


Source: Samsung
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