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Get 20% Off On Gadgets From Beyond The Box Every Wednesday Until August 2, 2017

Great news! Humpday Wednesdays just got even better! Beyond the Box together with BDO are giving 20% off on several items purchased on all Wednesdays until August 2, 2017!
The Gadget Sale Wednesday promo by Beyond the Box
The Gadget Sale Wednesday promo by Beyond the Box

Every Wednesday, BDO Visa Credit Cardholders will get 20% off on all gadgets and accessories from Beyond the Box store.

Beyond the Box is one of the leading and few Premium Apple resellers in the Philippine market with a notable number of branches nationwide!

The promotion is open for all BDO Visa Credit Cardholders. It starts with a minimum purchase of PHP 3,000 and be used for purchases worth up to PHP 75,000!

In particular, this promo can give users a maximum of up to PHP 15,000 discount. Promo is valid on July 21, 19, 26 and August 2, 2017. 

Getting that new 12 Inch Macbook for yourself or your loved ones just got more affordable right?
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